Talking to parents about their plans for their later years can be daunting. We can make it easier.


Mom and Dad may be leading full and rewarding lives but you can’t help but notice the growing limitations and frailties. You find yourself helping out more frequently and increasingly worried about what else you should be doing to make them more comfortable and prevent bigger crises later. You don’t have the time to sift through the plethora of generic resources out there to figure out what’s relevant for your family or whom you can trust to help your parents. Besides, just talking to them about these things is hard.

Do they have the right team of professional advisors?
What kind of funeral do they want?
Do they need extra help around the house?
What will happen to the family heirlooms?
Are they physically and socially active enough?
Does Mom need to see a Memory Specialist?
Is their home safe enough?
What expectations of care do they have from me?
Are their finances in good enough shape?

We can help

Cordelia Solutions has a comprehensive approach to address all these types of questions.

Our team of integrated legal, financial, health and caregiving experts conduct a detailed evaluation of our clients’ specific circumstances, aspirations and plans. Based on the information collected, these experts develop a clear, prioritized, easy-to-enact roadmap to help each family appropriately prepare for all that old age can bring, giving them much needed control and peace of mind.

It's never too late, or too early, to plan for the future.

I have never been much of a planner. I don’t consider being 75 old and don’t like to think about grim things. But my son persuaded me to try Cordelia.

It proved to be a very worthwhile and valuable experience. The process was very well thought out and the materials impressive. They covered all the areas thoroughly and kindly. I now have a list of important to-dos that I won’t ignore . In fact, I have already begun following up on several of the big topics like long term care coverage and updating my Last Will and Testament.
— Robin, Cordelia client, Long Island
My Mom lives a very full life. But I had begun worrying about what happens when she gets older. Since I hadn’t been able to engage her in a meaningful conversation about this, I persuaded her to work with Cordelia.

She has been thrilled with their work and now wants to sit down with me and my brother to discuss a number of issues that Cordelia has surfaced like advance directives. That’s exactly what I wanted to happen
— Joshua, Robin's son

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