We all age. Make embracing it part of your plan.


Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine we are living longer than any previous generation. Getting older brings many joys and opportunities; but it also creates complex needs around health care, living arrangements, finances, and more.

Do I have the right legal paperwork in place ?
What kind of Financial Power of Attorney do I need?
Do I need extra help around the house?
What should I do with family heirlooms?
How do I communicate my wishes to my loved ones?
Do I need to see a medical specialist?
Is my home safe enough?
Who will physically take care of me?
Are my finances in good enough shape?
Do I have the right team of professional advisors?

We can help

Cordelia Solutions has a comprehensive approach to address all these types of questions.

Our team of integrated legal, financial, health and caregiving experts conduct a detailed evaluation of our clients’ specific circumstances, aspirations and plans. Based on the information collected, these experts develop a clear, prioritized, easy-to-enact roadmap to help each family appropriately prepare for all that old age can bring, giving them much needed control and peace of mind.

It's never too late, or too early, to plan for your future.

In working with Cordelia, we’ve become much more aware of the extensive generic resources that are already out there. However, we have come to recognize what sets Cordelia apart is its comprehensive and holistic approach, specifically tailored for us - the individual client.

Working and learning with Cordelia has enriched our dialog about the aging process….and it has demonstrated two things.  First, that we are not nearly as well organized as we could and should be.  Second, it’s clear that we need to take action on a number of issues. The contents and organization of the material provided by Cordelia is terrific.
— Michael & Joan, Cordelia clients, New York City

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