A comprehensive, personalized, expert-driven guide for the later years.


Using our thorough, fact-based, expert-driven approach we work with you to develop your Cordelia Solutions Roadmap for Confident Aging TM: a comprehensive, personalized guide for the later years, centered around your aspirations.

Your Roadmap will cover all key aspects of life:  Health, Finances, Day-to-day Living and Legal matters; so you don’t have to look for, coordinate and referee multiple professional advisors.

Created by our integrated team of certified subject-matter experts, your plan:

  1. Identifies and prioritizes the aging related issues that are pertinent specifically to you and your family

  2. Lays out clearly what needs to be done to address these issues and why

  3. Recommends specific, curated local product and service providers that can help

  4. Helps organize all pertinent documentation so it is easily accessible and shareable when needed

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We follow a three-step process to develop a Cordelia Solutions Roadmap for Confident AgingTM for you or your loved one.



    We build a deep understanding of aspirations and needs across all core facets of life using a thorough, logic-based, digital assessment developed by our team of subject matter experts.



    Our experts collectively review all the information shared through the assessment.

    They identify, reconcile and prioritize key issues and develop recommendations to address these.

    They document the rationale and recommendations in detail and in easy-to use worksheets.

    These are collated in a thoughtfully-designed package, along with pertinent templates, guides and forms.



    A representative of our team of experts meets in person with the appropriate family members to share our findings and recommendations, and make sure they have the clarity and detail they need to put their plan into action.


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